Sanders Wallis: Tips For Project Management

During the course of his career at Wallis Printing Company, Sanders Wallis has come to understand just how important it is to have the correct project team if you are going to be able to deliver the sort of service that your clients expect. Proper management is essential in these circumstances, so he has developed the following pointers that boil down the essence of successful project management.

Set Goals

Before the team gets working on the project, you need to set goals for them to work towards. This should include a final goal and all of the milestones that must be reached before you can reach that final goal. This not only allows you to structure the work accordingly, but also provides the team with the motivation that they need to keep striving towards the final goal. Without an end product in mind, you may find the team starts questioning the purpose of the project and their role in the team.

Be Enthusiastic

Anybody who has worked under a project manager who simply doesn’t care about the project knows how demoralizing a lack of enthusiasm can be for the team. As such, to be successful in the role you need to bring a high level of enthusiasm and positivity to the job. Never let project issues bring you down or make you lose focus and use your enthusiasm to keep morale high amongst the rest of the team.

Picking The Right People

Every single member of a project team has a different skillset, so Sanders Wallis always points to how important it is to assign the right jobs to the right people in order to take advantage of this. Consider what each member of the team brings to the table and the various jobs that need to be completed before assigning work.