Sanders Wallis: Steps For Achieving Your Sales Goals

In his work at Wallis Printing, Sanders Wallis helms a sales team that he nurtures by using his own experiences in the field to provide guidance. Most sales teams have performance goals that they must reach and their efforts should be focused on hitting, or exceeding, those targets. These pointers will prove useful to any professionals who are struggling.

Make The Target Realistic

While your sales target should push you, it should not be so enormous as to be impossible to achieve. Setting a realistic target is crucial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it helps all involved understand the actual expectations that the company has for them. Furthermore, unrealistic targets can demoralize staff when they are inevitably not achieved.

Commit To Your Process

Once you understand your target it is a good idea to schedule your time so you can make the most use of it. Dedicate specific blocks of time to contacting potential new customers, following up on hot leads to close deals and completing the paperwork that is involved with each sale. This will allow you to maintain your focus while also adding much-needed structure into the often chaotic sales day.

Be Accountable

You should stand accountable for both your successes and failures. If you do not achieve your target during a particular week, take the opportunity to reflect on your performance to identify areas where you can improve. Conversely, successes must also be celebrated as this keeps morale high amongst the team, leading to even better performance.Sanders Wallis is an experienced salesman and team leader.


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