Sanders Wallis: Three Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

Sanders Wallis, the director of business development at Wallis Printing Company and aspiring business owner, knows that there are a variety of rewarding reasons to become an entrepreneur, such as the following: Sanders Wallis, the director of business development at Wallis Printing Company and aspiring business owner, knows that there are a variety of rewarding reasons to become an entrepreneur, such as the following:

• As an entrepreneur, you are able to use the full scope of your creativity to build the company in your own vision. This is incredibly important for people who are driven but may not fit very well in the corporate environment.

• While you will naturally work long hours after opening your own business, you can create your own schedule in the way that you prefer and be a little more flexible rather than sticking to a strict nine-to-five schedule, which is not for everyone.


• Entrepreneurs are able to fully explore the boundaries of their unconventional thinking, which can ultimately mean a great deal of success for those willing to take significant risks.
Mr. Sanders Wallis is based in Atlanta, Georgia.



Sanders Wallis: Steps For Achieving Your Sales Goals

In his work at Wallis Printing, Sanders Wallis helms a sales team that he nurtures by using his own experiences in the field to provide guidance. Most sales teams have performance goals that they must reach and their efforts should be focused on hitting, or exceeding, those targets. These pointers will prove useful to any professionals who are struggling.

Make The Target Realistic

While your sales target should push you, it should not be so enormous as to be impossible to achieve. Setting a realistic target is crucial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it helps all involved understand the actual expectations that the company has for them. Furthermore, unrealistic targets can demoralize staff when they are inevitably not achieved.

Commit To Your Process

Once you understand your target it is a good idea to schedule your time so you can make the most use of it. Dedicate specific blocks of time to contacting potential new customers, following up on hot leads to close deals and completing the paperwork that is involved with each sale. This will allow you to maintain your focus while also adding much-needed structure into the often chaotic sales day.

Be Accountable

You should stand accountable for both your successes and failures. If you do not achieve your target during a particular week, take the opportunity to reflect on your performance to identify areas where you can improve. Conversely, successes must also be celebrated as this keeps morale high amongst the team, leading to even better performance.Sanders Wallis is an experienced salesman and team leader.

Sanders Wallis: Fascinating Facts About Print Media

Sanders Wallis has worked in the print industry for a number of years and is now the Director of New Business Development at Wallis Printing, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia and serves the printing needs of clients throughout the state. Print is a fascinating industry and there are many interesting tit bits of information that those who are unfamiliar with print may not be aware of.

  • The first laser printer was invented, perhaps unsurprisingly, by Xerox in 1969. The company modified one of their existing photocopiers and went on to become one of the largest brands in the industry. In fact, Xerox is still a byword for quality to this day, to the point where making a photocopy is still referred to as “Xeroxing” by many people.
  • In 2012, more than 942 million Inkjet print cartridges were sold. To put this into perspective, the combined ink would be enough to fill four Olympic-sized swimming pools, with plenty left over.
  •  J.K. Rowling’s novel ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ holds the record for the largest first-run printing of any book. An astonishing twelve million copies were printed in the United States alone in an effort to satisfy audience demand. The book went on to sell fifteen million copies throughout the world in the first twenty-four hours of release.
  • The first printing press was invented at some point between 1440 and 1450, with Johannes Gutenberg generally being cited as the innovator. However, various printing techniques had existed beforehand.

Sanders Wallis is the Director of New Business Development at Wallis Printing.

Sanders Wallis: Challenges Printing Firms Must Overcome

As the Director of New Business Development at Wallis Printing, Sanders Wallis often works closely with the company’s CEO and COO to decide on business strategy. The advent of the Internet has added to the challenges that printing firms face, so it is imperative that they are able to adapt. The following are some of the key issues and how they may be confronted.

Quality vs Price :  Budgets will always be an issue for your clients, especially now that marketing resources are being stretched further than ever before thanks to the various opportunities offered online. This means your printing company needs to strike the right balance between quality and price. Charging too much will put people off altogether, but low quality results in unhappy customers.

Turnaround Times : The instantaneous nature of web-based content is also another challenge, as it means that clients often have less patience when it comes to turnaround times for printed materials. In some cases, slower turnaround cannot be avoided, especially for large orders. Be honest at all times and invest in machinery that reduces these times as far as possible.

Emphasizing Creativity : One of the key benefits that print media has over the online space is that there is room for creativity due to the lack of coding conventions that must be adhered to. Take advantage of this by emphasizing the point and show how you can make print materials unique from similar content that can be found online.Sanders Wallis has worked in the print industry for a number of years.