Sanders Wallis: Finding The Right Type Of Advertisement

Sanders Wallis works for the Wallis Printing Company. The business offers custom printing for commercial businesses and creates everything from business cards to annual reports. Many people depend on the company’s services to help them advertise their own businesses. If you are trying to find the perfect type of print marketing, consider these options.

Know Your Target Audience

Who do you plan to market your services or products too? Will your target audience be more responsive to one type of ad than another? You want to make sure the people who can use or benefit from your service or product are seeing your ad.

Know Your Budget

Some types of advertisements are more than others and if you are on a budget, you may be more limited to the type of ads you can afford. Don’t be afraid to shop around and ask about the cost of the ads that interest you. As your business grows, your budget may allow for different types of ads.

Know Your Marketing Location

Where do you plan to put your ads? Do you need business cards that you can hand out and leave art other businesses and locations? Do you want to make flyers with information about your company that you can post on bulletin boards or hang around town? Do you want to put a logo on a T-shirt so you can advertise your company to everyone you meet? Decide how and where you plan to advertise and choose your ad accordingly.

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the right type of print advertisements. Sanders Wallis makes it a point to make sure all of the customers visiting Wallis Printing are happy and he works hard to attract new customers.

Sanders Wallis: Providing Great Customer Service

Sanders Wallis is the Director of New Business Development at Wallis Printing. He is responsible for bringing in new customers and making sure they are happy with the products and service. Sanders Wallis Printing is a very successful company and their success is due to their impressive customer service. If you want to keep your customers coming back, make sure you are providing them with a great customer service experience.

Train Your Employees

Your customers will appreciate it if your employees are trained properly and are able to assist them with all their needs. You should make sure your employees are trained to assist customers and that they know how to cater to their needs and treat them respectfully at all times.

Listen To Your Customers

If your customers have problems or concerns, they will likely bring them up. Make sure you listen to them and consider their opinions. How you respond to your customers’ problems and complaints will say a lot about your company.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

If you can see your company or business from the customer’s point of view, you may notice that there are some things you want to change or make easier for them. Put yourself in your customer’s’ shoes and decide if you are doing everything you can to make shopping or services easy for them.

Sanders Wallis knows that customer service is an important part of operating a successful business. If you are unable to provide your customers with an enjoyable experience, they may take their business elsewhere. Customer service is the best way to attract new customers and keep your current customers coming back time and time again. If you want to give your customers the service they deserve, follow the tips above.

Sanders Wallis: Tips For Project Management

During the course of his career at Wallis Printing Company, Sanders Wallis has come to understand just how important it is to have the correct project team if you are going to be able to deliver the sort of service that your clients expect. Proper management is essential in these circumstances, so he has developed the following pointers that boil down the essence of successful project management.

Set Goals

Before the team gets working on the project, you need to set goals for them to work towards. This should include a final goal and all of the milestones that must be reached before you can reach that final goal. This not only allows you to structure the work accordingly, but also provides the team with the motivation that they need to keep striving towards the final goal. Without an end product in mind, you may find the team starts questioning the purpose of the project and their role in the team.

Be Enthusiastic

Anybody who has worked under a project manager who simply doesn’t care about the project knows how demoralizing a lack of enthusiasm can be for the team. As such, to be successful in the role you need to bring a high level of enthusiasm and positivity to the job. Never let project issues bring you down or make you lose focus and use your enthusiasm to keep morale high amongst the rest of the team.

Picking The Right People

Every single member of a project team has a different skillset, so Sanders Wallis always points to how important it is to assign the right jobs to the right people in order to take advantage of this. Consider what each member of the team brings to the table and the various jobs that need to be completed before assigning work.

Sanders Wallis – Strategic Business Plans

Sanders Wallis is the Director of New Business Development at the Wallis Printing Company. He has held that position since January of 2012. Prior to that he was an Account Executive with the company, where he distinguished himself by making the greatest number of sales that year, for which he received a bonus.

As the Director of New Business Development, Sanders Wallis has worked closely with the company’s Chief Executive Officer and its Chief Operations Officer to help determine the company’s direction. He has provided guidance in developing strategic business plans, marketing materials, and organizational structure.

As he knows, the Wallis Printing Company was founded in 1953, and has been in continuous operation ever since. The Atlanta, Georgia firm has evolved into a full-line printer with state-of-the-art printing and processing equipment. Over the years, the company’s clients have included some of the world’s largest corporations, including General Electric, Delta Airlines, Major League Baseball, and the McDonald’s Corporation.

Sanders Wallis attended the University of Georgia, where he majored in business and received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management when he graduated in 2008. He is a recipient of a HOPE Scholarship, which provided him with full tuition. The HOPE Scholarship is available to Georgia residents who have demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement.

Sanders Wallis also studied abroad at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. He has completed the Georgia State required course in real estate, and has passed the Georgia Real Estate Commission Exam. Away from work, his interests include golf, skiing, running, and playing tennis.