Sanders Wallis: Making a First Investment

Sanders Wallis is an entrepreneur who works with Wallis Printing Company as the Director of New Business Development. Sanders Wallis is passionate about growing his career and is also interested in investing as a personal professional pursuit.

If you’re making your first investment, tips like these are similar to what you might receive from a professional like Sanders Wallis:

• Retirement

Begin by saving as much as is legally allowed toward retirement, along with workplace help if available. Saving for retirement is an investment many fail to make, but it’s one of the most rewarding and most critical.

• Starting a Portfolio

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Sanders Wallis and start your personal portfolio, it’s time to meet with an investment advisor. These trained financial professionals can help you get a better grasp on how you want to allocate your money and why.


Sanders Wallis: Preparing to Invest

Sanders Wallis is an entrepreneur who lives and works in Georgia. He’s passionate about his position as Director of New Business Development at the Wallis Printing Company – his family’s business – and he’s a licensed real estate profession in his state. In his spare time, Mr. Wallis takes interest in the stocks and bonds market, and in investing as a personal source of income.

Tips like these are similar to what someone like Sanders Wallis might offer if you’re preparing to invest, but don’t know how to start:

• Pay Down Debt First

If you’re paying more on your high-interest debt every month than you’re putting into investments, you’re selling your wealth management short. Pay down high-interest debts like credit cards and personal loans first, and then focus on investing.

• Save Money First

There’s nothing wrong with putting money in a savings account instead of an investment. In fact, investors like Sanders Wallis often keep a fair amount of liquid resources in their savings account at all times as an emergency cushion.

Sanders Wallis: Professional Networking Mistakes

Sanders Wallis is the Director of New Business Development at Wallis Printing Company in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s his family’s business, and he’s steadily ascended the ranks to reach his current position. Today, he’s built a large professional network in his area, and he continues to expand it on a regular basis. He also maintains a network within the real estate community because of his status as a licensed real estate agent.

If you’re building your professional network, take a page from Sanders Wallis the Director of New Business Development and steer clear of mistakes like these:

• Don’t Give Up Your Search

Even if you feel that you’ve tapped your resources, don’t give up in your search. Any new people you meet in any environment – even casual and informal ones – is a potential network connection. Always keep searching for new connections, attend career fairs and otherwise put yourself out there.

• Don’t Avoid Research

Professionals like Sanders Wallis research their industry and their connections thoroughly. It isn’t a waste of your time to browse available jobs in your field, research a new connection’s business or brush up on the top organizations in your field. It makes you better prepared for successful networking.

Sanders Wallis: Creating his Own Business

Sanders Wallis, as the Director of Business Development for Wallis Printing, takes developing new relationships with clients and potential clients very seriously. Sanders Wallis works with clients, partners, and potential clients constantly in order to get them the services and products they need while still maintaining a line on developing the business interests of Wallis Printing as well. In a sense, Wallis creates his own business in the way an entrepreneur would.

Sanders Wallis, of course, has the support of the rest of the leadership at Wallis Printing, but the concept of securing suppliers, building a client base, and building relationships and partnerships is the same as if he was alone building his own business. True business development takes an eye on the short and long term at all times, finding ways to create new relationships that could yield more deals and sales in the future.

Sanders Wallis lives and works in Atlanta.

Sanders Wallis: Business Development Expert

Sanders Wallis works as the Director of Business Development for Wallis Printing in Atlanta, Georgia. A large part of his job revolves around the relationships he cultivates and nurtures to bring in more clients and business for the firm. Developing a business is all about the relationships that go along with it. Of course, clients and customers are important, but if a business can’t create the right services and products for the right people at the right price, profits will suffer.

Sanders Wallis has to take the long view and the short view of the development of business for Wallis Printing at the same time. While he has to ensure that the business continues to maintain a steady cash flow, he also has to create sustainable revenue by conceiving and integrating innovative, big-picture ideas over time.

Sanders Wallis works with many clients in his community to produce the best printing services and products he can.

Sanders Wallis: Creating a Strong Online Presence

Sanders Wallis is the Director of Business Development for a major printing company in Atlanta, Georgia. Wallis Printing Company is a family business that has seen success in part because of its strong online presence. In present times, it’s not enough to build a shiny, easy-to-use website for your business. You’re competing with billions of other web pages, many of which offer the same information and services yours does.

In order to reach your audience using the Internet, you have to optimize. Full optimization goes beyond keyword research to creating enough on-page content to tickle the search engines, too. Sanders Wallis knows that you need online engagement to build your audience, including social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Sanders Wallis has created opportunities for his business to expand online and bring in more in-person clientele and online sales. He has maintained strong business and marketing relationships for years as a leader for Wallis Printing.

Sanders Wallis: Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Sanders Wallis built his business career into the success that it is today with help from his friends, a little business savvy, and the many lessons he’s learned from years of experience. Wallis has worked with many clients as the Director of Business Development for Wallis Printing Company in Atlanta, Georgia. Wallis has created opportunities for small businesses and other clients to get the best possible printed products in the area from Wallis Printing.

Sanders Wallis says that new entrepreneurs tend to give up too easily. Very few people become Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk in only a few years. For most, it takes decades of making mistakes and working hard to improve to become successful. Cling to that small business as long as you can, and try to get help when you need it. Wallis says that most entrepreneurs have a larger donor list and business network than they think. Reach out and use these connections if things get tough. Sanders Wallis lives in Atlanta.