Sanders Wallis: Simple Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

Timothy Sanders Wallis, 22, is focused on his customers – and on providing each business he serves with the service and solutions they need to be at their best. A printing professional at the local, family-owned Wallis Printing, Wallis knows it’s his company’s commitment to a great customer experience that sets them apart from the local competition, and which has helped cultivate the local clientele that has sustained his firm for more than 50 years.

As Timothy Sanders Wallis, knows well, great customer service is not a complex idea – but rather a combination of and commitment to several small behaviors that can end up making a big difference. These include:


Rather than trying to sell the customer on a service or product, it’s important to listen to their needs and to build solutions that meet those ends.


Nobody likes to be ignored. Taking time to get back to customers quickly, and to resolve issues fast, is what keeps customers coming back well into the future.


Sanders Wallis: Licensed Real Estate Agent in Georgia

Sanders Wallis wanted to earn his real estate license in Georgia for many of the same reasons others do. Success in an industry like real estate makes a lucrative career, plus it’s a great way to learn more about an area and help others fall in love with it. Having grown up in Georgia, he’s familiar with many of the areas he’s working in, but he finds there’s still much to learn.

Sanders Wallis: Leadership Mistakes

Sanders Wallis is a successful entrepreneur who earned a HOPE Scholarship and attended the University of Georgia for his Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Sanders Wallis is now a licensed real estate agent and a leadership professional who serves as the Director of New Business Development for Wallis Printing Company.

Leadership mistakes like these are examples of the many blunders professionals like Sanders Wallis keep a watchful eye for on a daily basis:

• Communication Avoidance

Leaders need to communicate often and do it effectively. Don’t avoid speaking with your team members, craft your speech so you are understood and listen carefully whenever any member of your team speaks to you. Your team will appreciate it.

• Pointless Meetings

Sure, weekly meetings sound nice, but they’re not always ideal or necessary. Leaders like Sanders Wallis don’t waste their team members’ time with pointless meetings. Limit tangents and time wasters, don’t micromanage and focus only on what’s necessary to keep your team functioning at top performance.

Sanders Wallis: Leadership Tips

Sanders Wallis is a licensed real estate agent and the Director of New Business Development at his family’s business, Wallis Printing Company. He lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia, and has years of experience in his field. He’s known locally as a leader and entrepreneur with a vast network, and he continues to grow his reputation every day.

If you’re a new leader, tips like those touched on below are similar to what someone like Sanders Wallis might offer to get you started:

• Be Your Best Self

Elevate yourself to the best you can be in all aspects of your life to set a good example for your teams. Consider what you ask of your employees and what the model team member would look like/do, and then embody it. This will challenge you, but your employees will follow the tone you set.

• Be a Leader, Not a Boss

There’s a difference between a boss and a leader, and people like Sanders Wallis know that leading inspires better team responses in most scenarios. Share the spotlight, credit your team members and be humble.

Sanders Wallis: Professional Networking Tips

Sanders Wallis is a respected businessman in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s both a licensed real estate agent and the Director of New Business Development at Wallis Printing Company, and he’s passionate about his career. He maintains a large professional network in the industry and works closely with fellow leaders.

Professional networking tips like these are similar to what you might receive if you asked an established entrepreneur like Sanders Wallis:

• Start with People You Know

If the people you already have connections with aren’t a part of your network, start there. Friends, family, former employers/employees, faculty and more might know of existing opportunities or have useful connections for your industry. Strengthen existing networking bonds before creating new ones.

• Prepare Your Elevator Pitch

Professionals like Sanders Wallis often have a basic elevator pitch – or a brief personal introduction of skills, accomplishments and assets – ready for new connections. This helps make a quick, concise connection at networking events or chance meetings.

Sanders Wallis: Making a First Investment

Sanders Wallis is an entrepreneur who works with Wallis Printing Company as the Director of New Business Development. Sanders Wallis is passionate about growing his career and is also interested in investing as a personal professional pursuit.

If you’re making your first investment, tips like these are similar to what you might receive from a professional like Sanders Wallis:

• Retirement

Begin by saving as much as is legally allowed toward retirement, along with workplace help if available. Saving for retirement is an investment many fail to make, but it’s one of the most rewarding and most critical.

• Starting a Portfolio

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Sanders Wallis and start your personal portfolio, it’s time to meet with an investment advisor. These trained financial professionals can help you get a better grasp on how you want to allocate your money and why.

Sanders Wallis: Preparing to Invest

Sanders Wallis is an entrepreneur who lives and works in Georgia. He’s passionate about his position as Director of New Business Development at the Wallis Printing Company – his family’s business – and he’s a licensed real estate profession in his state. In his spare time, Mr. Wallis takes interest in the stocks and bonds market, and in investing as a personal source of income.

Tips like these are similar to what someone like Sanders Wallis might offer if you’re preparing to invest, but don’t know how to start:

• Pay Down Debt First

If you’re paying more on your high-interest debt every month than you’re putting into investments, you’re selling your wealth management short. Pay down high-interest debts like credit cards and personal loans first, and then focus on investing.

• Save Money First

There’s nothing wrong with putting money in a savings account instead of an investment. In fact, investors like Sanders Wallis often keep a fair amount of liquid resources in their savings account at all times as an emergency cushion.